Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer
Richard Palmer, BSc Eng, GSAP, ISAP
Director, Global Sustainability

Richard Palmer is Director of Global Sustainability with over 17 years of experience providing sustainability advice to projects in both buildings and infrastructure sectors.​

His experience in sustainable design and procurement extends across the full breadth of the built environment: green buildings, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable precincts, and future cities. His thinking and leadership on policy, planning, and strategy, coupled with his design and delivery experience, have allowed him to support urban development projects with integrated approaches to buildings, mobility, digital systems, utilities, living infrastructure, and communities.​​

Richard’s thought leadership on sustainable investment and assurance of non-financial performance, coupled with his design and delivery experience, place him at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment. His experience and market exposure means Richard is a unique asset that can manage and deliver sustainability outcomes at a precinct scale.