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We work with national, regional, and local government clients to engineer and optimize the public buildings upon which we all depend, and to develop policy that shapes our built environment for the better.

Smart Policy
We help cities around the world develop and deliver forward-thinking policies for climate action, adaptation, and resilience. We model, test and evaluate policy impacts, lead multi-stakeholder workshops, and help clients communicate effectively with both internal and external audiences.

Climate Leadership
We identify pathways to net zero carbon emissions for government clients — through policies, programs, masterplans, across portfolios, and in the design of new and retrofitted public buildings.

Value for Money
Over 70 years' experience across hundreds of government projects and multiple building types allows us to engineer high performance, durable, resilient, and adaptable public assets that are cost-effective to operate and affordable to construct.

Alignment & Understanding
We understand the processes, procedures, communications, documentation methods, and design requirements unique to the government sector, including sustainability, energy, anti-terrorism force protection, building information modeling, and commissioning.

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