CSL Banksia Fill, Finish, Inspect, Package Facility

CSL Banksia Fill, Finish, Inspect, Package Facility

Broadmeadows, VIC | Wurundjeri Country
CSL Fill, inspect and package production line laboratory

Introba provided design, documentation, and construction for mechanical services for the CSL Banksia Project.

The Banksia Project is a new state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical facility that will use innovative cell-based technology to produce influenza vaccines for both influenza pandemics and seasonal vaccination programs.

The Banksia Fill, Finish, Inspection, and Package (FFIP) component of the project will see the delivery of a new Grade C Filling Suite for aseptic filling of single-dose syringes, new packaging, automated syringe inspection areas, and QC Warm Room and Cold Room areas.

We were challenged to construct the cleanroom areas within a fully operational live environment, modifying major systems (chilled water, heating, hot water, compressed air) during specific shutdown periods to avoid disruption. 

The systems interface within the facility involved several critical components, such as the supply of compressed air to the filling lines, steam to autoclaves and parts washers, and large-scale laminar flow ceilings to maintain the controlled environment. The humidity-controlled areas in the visual inspection rooms and packaging lines required precise environmental controls to maintain the integrity of the products.