Baltimore Washington International Airport

Baltimore Washington International Airport

Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Our long-standing and robust partnership with Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport has been marked by a series of pivotal projects that have enhanced security, efficiency, and infrastructure.

These have ranged from developing long-term closed-circuit television (CCTV) strategies to comprehensive IT and security design services. Our teams have adeptly tackled various complexities, such as coordinating intricate Information and Communication Technology  (ICT) scope and delineating responsibilities within multifaceted projects.

Through meticulous planning and seamless stakeholder coordination, uncertainties were resolved, ensuring the smooth implementation of solutions while optimizing resource utilization. The tangible benefits of this enduring partnership are significant. Projects such as the relocation of the Maryland Transit Authority Police have freed up valuable terminal space for passenger services, while the relocation of Southwest Airlines Services has bolstered operational efficiency.

We also undertook the ambitious task of implementing a state-of-the-art integrated airport security system (IASS) by replacing more than 800 access control portals and 650 CCTV cameras, integrating a new badging system, and deploying a centralized data storage system, all while ensuring minimal disruption to airport operations. By employing innovative strategies such as phased implementation and camera interface boxes for streamlined installation, we successfully overcame the challenges of upgrading security infrastructure in an active terminal facility, delivering enhanced safety and efficiency to the airport.

Image Credit: © Daniel Wilson