Baxter Compounding Pharmacy

Baxter Compounding Pharmacy

Perth, WA | Whadjak Noongar Country
Compounding pharmacy laboratory space with clean room desks

Introba provided mechanical services design and construction administration for a new pharmaceutical compounding facility.

The new building supports Baxter Healthcare's Perth facility, which provides patients with chemotherapy, nutrition products, and antibiotic therapies, ensuring its continued leadership in a highly competitive industry.

The pharmaceutical compounding facility is equipped with Grade B clean rooms designed explicitly for cytotoxic compounding, ensuring the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. Maintaining this standard requires stringent controls and continuous monitoring. The compounding rooms use a single-pass air handling system with 100% outside air intake and 100% exhaust. Cross-flow plate heat exchangers are employed in air handling systems to maximize energy efficiency, even under extreme external temperatures.

Redundant air handling systems support clean rooms and ensure consistent airflow. Additionally, the spaces are served by duty and standby chilled water and heating hot water systems to maintain the required environmental conditions. The project also includes ancillary spaces such as cold rooms, freezer rooms, packaging rooms, and pharmaceutical storerooms.

Maintaining 100% outside air intake in hot climates, such as Perth, is energy intensive and requires innovative solutions for efficiency and assurance of no cross-contamination. Ensuring that clean rooms never enter negative pressure is critical, involving precise commissioning of air handling systems and careful control of supply and exhaust fan sequences.

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