Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront Project Option

This brand-new office building, in the heart of prominent part of Belgrade called Belgrade Waterfront, offers high-level office space for demanding tenants.

The development comprises of 20,000 m² of rental areas and 10,000 m² of underground parking space. Achieving increased indoor air quality and energy efficiency was one of the main goals of our mechanical and BMS (building management systems) teams. As one of the first bigger office buildings in Belgrade, heating Is provided fully by electricity by utilising air-cooled heat pumps, thus reducing carbon footprint.

In addition, applied systems during the mid-season benefits different cooling and heating modes across the building. Heat pumps generate domestic hot water and air handling units, which are equipped with highly efficient heat recovery exchangers that reduce loads for the heating and cooling of fresh air. BMS systems make it possible for all the elements to work together in a seamless way.

A separate energy metering system enables allocating energy cost per tenants, giving each tenant visibility to see how much energy they consume, enabling them to manage this effectively.

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