Brentwood Block

Brentwood Block

Vancouver, BC
Brentwood Block

Brentwood Block will look to prioritize the public while embracing neighboring connections, providing pedestrianized spaces and a fascinating landscape.

The design will emphasize the importance of human-scale experience through equity of design, providing the residents and public with access to outdoor spaces that balance vibrant public spaces and quiet, private spaces. Brentwood Block will focus on the local community through early public engagement, initiating and fostering local economies, and locating an onsite Civic Centre at the heart of Brentwood Town Centre.

Brentwood Block aims to become a thriving, inclusive, mixed-use community with approximately 3,500 new homes, including 2,450 rental homes, a new urban, multi-story community center, and approximately 200,000 ft² of commercial space on transit. Significantly, this will be one of the first projects of this scale to be entirely pedestrian, with all cars accessing the underground from the site's periphery. The master plan also incorporates an abundance of green and public space, with over half of the site designated as courtyards and plazas for both residents and the general public, including landscaped trails for pedestrians and routes for cyclists. 

The project will exceed the City of Burnaby's sustainability requirements. It will meet Grosvenor's 2030 Commitment to achieving Net Zero Operational Carbon through efficient envelope design, low-carbon systems, and renewable energy. Other environmental, social, and corporate governance impacts include:

  • Targeting 40% GHGI improvement beyond required BC Energy Step Code 2 Low Carbon through 100% electric in-suite appliances, space heating and cooling, LED lighting, and smart thermostats encouraging reduced energy use. 

  • Transforming an asphalted surface parking lot into over 4 acres of landscaped, pedestrian-only public realm.

  • 20% reduction in vehicle traffic from the site from reduced parking ratios and transportation strategies.

  • 75% of all homes are rented (250% higher than comparable projects).

  • 60 community events hosted by Grosvenor drew 50,000+ visitors to Brentwood Block (2020-2022).

  • An $8,000,000+ public art program will be located throughout the development.

  • The site will feature 250,000 ft² of curated, community-oriented retail, restaurants, and office space.

The project will be one of the largest rental housing components in Metro Vancouver and the tallest all-rental tower in Western Canada at over 60 stories with all cars underground.

Rendering courtesy Perkins&Will and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

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