Chesterfield Village Campus GG Building Upgrades

Chesterfield Village Campus GG Building Upgrades

St. Louis, Missouri
United States
GG Building

Introba provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services to replace and upgrade the building infrastructure within Bayer's 350,000sf GG Research Facility to improve energy performance, reliability, flexibility, and maintainability.

The scope of work included:

  • HVAC Master Plan Study to analyze options for replacing the building's HVAC systems, including developing a construction phasing plan to allow the building to remain operational throughout construction.

  • Laboratory AHU Replacement of four large 100% outside air handling units in two phases, including installation of temporary outdoor air handling units to serve the building while units were replaced. New air handling units incorporated heat recovery coils for exhaust air energy recovery.

  • Laboratory Exhaust Replacement of 27 individual exhaust fan systems with a new manifold exhaust system with seven fans and glycol run-around loop heat recovery system.

  • HVAC Systems Upgrades and Laboratory Modernization for the following upgrades throughout the building: replacement of existing constant-volume dual-duct supply air system with a new single duct VAV supply air system with terminal reheat, installation of new VAV laboratory airflow controls, reduction in occupied air change rates to 6 ACH/hr, replacement of lighting, replacement of fume hoods, replacement of casework, upgrades to fire alarm system, and installation of new occupancy sensors for setback of ventilation air, space temperature setpoints, and lighting.

  • Growth Chamber Makeup Air Handing Unit Replacement

  • Building Pump and Heat Exchanger Replacement

  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Replacement for all motor control centers in the building as HVAC equipment was replaced.

  • Redesign & replacement of fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm backbone.

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