Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas, Texas
United States
Dallas Fort Worth

Our aviation team has played a pivotal role in the many successful expansion and improvement projects at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

The expansion of American Airlines Terminal B was a significant step in DFW’s growth. Our team reconfigured nine regional jet gates into six mainline jet gates, which resulted in the redesign of the baggage handling system (BHS). We ensured the seamless integration of additional sortation units, enhancing terminal functionality and passenger throughput. Our BHS assessment of Terminals B and E focused on system reliability and safety. By developing a comprehensive assessment tool and database, our teams evaluated those systems, enabling timely maintenance and upgrades to ensure uninterrupted operations and passenger satisfaction.

In collaboration with Delta Airlines, we also provided engineering design services for the public address and voice evacuation systems. This project showcased how we deliver tailored solutions within accelerated timelines. As a key partner in the Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP), we were instrumental in modernizing DFW’s infrastructure across Terminals A, B, C, and E. From conceptual design to construction support, our BHS expertise facilitated continuous integration of advanced baggage handling systems, enhancing operational efficiency and security across the airport. Through strategic planning and engineering expertise, we have supported the implementation of cutting-edge IT systems as part of DFW’s infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and security operations throughout.

Image Credit: © Jaromir Chalabala