Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport

Miami, Florida
United States

Our longstanding collaboration with Miami International Airport (MIA) has been characterized by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

Over two decades, we have spearheaded transformative projects spanning security, technology, and infrastructure, helping transform the airport into a global aviation hub. Top of the tree is the North Terminal Development (NTD), one of the most challenging transitional airport projects in the country that was valued at USD$2.8 billion and encompassed 3.6 million ft². Our team managed the Special Systems Program, navigating the complexities of demolishing four operational concourses while replacing them with a unified terminal while still ensuring uninterrupted American Airlines hub operations. Through strategic phased implementation and innovative solutions, such as network-based closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, we successfully delivered the project on schedule and within budget, setting a new standard for airport development.

Our impact extends beyond infrastructure: initiatives such as the Federal Inspection Services facility showcased our commitment to enhancing passenger experiences and security. Designed to process up to 3,500 passengers per hour, this state-of-the-art facility incorporates advanced security systems, including access control and CCTV. Our team also oversaw the expansion and upgrade of the chiller plant, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the airport's cooling systems. Through rigorous testing, optimization, and coordination with contractors, we upheld the highest standards of performance and sustainability, contributing to MIA’s operational resilience. Our overarching commitment to innovation is exemplified by initiatives like the American Airlines Hub Control Center and the D Concourse Admirals Club. By seamlessly integrating telecommunications, security, and audio-visual systems, we have facilitated enhanced operational control and passenger amenities, reinforcing MIA's reputation as a world-class aviation facility.

Image Credit: © Maria Kraynova