Morden Regeneration

Morden Regeneration

Morden, London
United Kingdom
London cityscape including Tower Bridge as seen in early morning sunlight

Whole life carbon assessment of 15 heating system options for a 2000-unit residential scheme in Morden, London

Our analysis considered both operational and embodied carbon related to the system. The quantities of MEP products were established, i.e., the length of pipework needed and the size of heat pumps. A scenario was tested with low and high refrigerant leakage. This allows a direct comparison between different options, as well as communal, district, and individual heating system options. 

The systems analyzed included;

  • District heating connections

  • Communal heating options, including 4th and 5th generation district heating (ambient loops)

  • Individual heating options include exhaust air heat pumps, standard water-to-water heat pumps, water-to-air heat pumps, direct electric heating, and hot water storage with integrated heat pumps.

Refrigerant leakage makes up a large proportion of the embodied carbon of heat pumps, which is under the high leakage scenario. 

Under the low refrigerant leakage scenario, the whole-life carbon of all five individual options is similar. The direct electric option has the lowest embodied carbon as there is no communal or internal heating pipework; however, it has the highest operational carbon of these individual heating options.

Carbon emissions analysis was combined with cost analysis, and space requirements, enabling for an easy comparison between the system options. Depending on the weighting of client priorities different systems emerge as preferred options.

The passive ambient loop had the lowest EUI and the lowest operational and whole life emissions and has cost-neutral lifetime costs relative to the comparator. The air-to-air heat pump has very low capital and lifetime costs, low running costs, and a low sensitivity to an increase in running costs due to poor fabric. 

Key performance indicators were developed for use in the project. 

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