Roosevelt Community Center

Roosevelt Community Center

San Jose, California
United States

This community center in San José, California, was designed as an energy and water efficient building to set an example of sustainable design in the local community.

Energy efficient HVAC design strategies in the project include dedicated outside air systems; natural ventilation through operable windows on appropriate days; fan modulation through CO2 sensors; high efficiency chillers and boilers; and a self-regulating diffuser distribution system. The building uses 20% to 30% less energy than a typical building operating under Title 24 of California’s Energy Efficiency Standards.

Introba (formerly Integral Group)’s plumbing design for the building reduces overall water use, maximizes reclaimed water use, and includes features such as waterless urinals and sensor-controlled faucets. The design also uses purple pipe reclaimed water in the cooling tower system, which will save approximately 1 to 2 million gallons of water per year. The new LEED Gold project serves as an anchor not only for Roosevelt Park, but also for the local developing business district.

The design creates a strong civic presence along the street while welcoming park users with a softer, more transparent facade. Excellent interior sightlines and the ability to close unused wings allow for streamlined staffing. Careful design of the structural system maximizes programmable floor space. The design process was highly collaborative, involving multiple community meetings and specific user groups such as teens and the City of San José staff. Early collaboration with artists maximized public art integration into the design. The design team also worked closely with the City to align the project and the budget while preserving functionality, flexibility, and capacity.


  • LEED Gold

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