Calgary, Alberta
The rooftop area on the 60th floor of TELUS Sky in Calgary

We provided electrical engineering services for the 60th-floor roof on this mixed-use skyscraper in Calgary, Canada.

TELUS Sky is a stunning landmark in Calgary, Alberta. The 60-story tower features an enclosed rooftop garden with operable sky lights on the 60th floor. 

This year-round event space provides an inviting area for gatherings, offering panoramic views of the city and Rocky Mountains while fostering a unique ambiance that seamlessly blends nature with urban sophistication. 

There is public art at TELUS Sky, too. The northern and southern facades feature one of the largest public-art fixtures in Canada, an LED display dubbed "Northern Lights" designed by Canadian artist Douglas Coupland.

Our team provided comprehensive expertise in power systems, lighting design, lighting controls, and modifications to the fire alarm system on the rooftop.

Their role encompassed an array of critical tasks, including the assessment of power requirements, the design of efficient lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of the project, the implementation of advanced lighting control systems to optimize energy usage and user comfort, and the meticulous planning and execution of modifications to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of the fire alarm system. 

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, we ensured that all aspects of the project met the highest standards of safety, functionality, and efficiency. 

Photo credit: Introba


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