Jaswinder Dhaliwal

Jaswinder Dhaliwal
Jaswinder Dhaliwal, CEng MCIBSE

With a distinguished career spanning over 15 years as a regional director at AECOM, Jas, now a principal at Introba, brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the forefront of the organization.

As a passionate Chartered Design Engineer, Jas specializes in energy-efficient sustainable design and project management, showcasing a strategic perspective honed through years of dedicated service in the industry. His commitment to driving innovation is evident in his focus on net zero carbon technologies, where he explores cutting-edge solutions and evaluates their performance to ensure that they achieve their energy performance.

Jas’ leadership extends beyond technical expertise. He has demonstrated a passion for cultivating a dynamic and inspired team culture by organizing events, fostering mentorship, and providing continuous learning opportunities for the next generation of engineers.