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Day in the Life: Devin Ea | Technology Intern

Day in the Life: Devin Ea | Technology Intern

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Devin Ea

I am Devin, and I am going to be a senior this fall at the Colorado School of Mines. I study electrical engineering, and I have the wonderful opportunity to be the Technology division intern for the summer.

Here at the Denver office, I work hybrid, which means some days I come to the office while others I can work completely remote.  

At the office, I’m provided a laptop, docking station, and two monitors to improve productivity. My usual tasks include handling Revit models, reviewing documents, attending meetings, and occasional site visits. Some of these tasks are completely virtual, but it is nice to have someone to help you hands-on, especially with familiarizing yourself with new software.

The schedule depends on the work my advisor can give me, based on difficulty and novelty, so the work is always encompassing new aspects of project development. Some work could be relocating specific components in an entire Revit project, while others are back-to-back meetings on doors.

One of the projects I’ve worked on is the SCL Health Hospital, where I’ve revised the tech layout and have gone on a site visit. During this internship, I’ve learned how to do lots of small things that help contribute to the project, and I’m continuing to learn new things.

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