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Humans of Introba | Majority Minority ERG Spotlight

Humans of Introba | Majority Minority ERG Spotlight

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Introba's Majority Minority Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a space for employees from diverse backgrounds (including but not limited to racial and ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and more) and allies to unite, support one another, share experiences, and develop ways to achieve goals. The ERG strives to elevate the voices and prioritize the needs of our firm’s diverse employees.

The Majority Minority ERG hosted an all-staff event in 2023, in honor of Diversity Awareness Month. The “Celebrating Diversity at Introba” event featured guest speaker Jennifer Lee, SVP, General Counsel TY Lin International Group, and a Q+A panel of representatives from each of the ERGs to take part in an open conversation around diversity in the workplace with all staff.

The Majority Minority ERG also launched a campaign called Humans of Introba an ongoing video series that highlights diverse individuals, shares their experiences and perspectives, creates a platform for our global workforce to listen and truly hear one another, and helps to create connections and find common ground.

Watch this space to see the latest Humans of Introba video interviews with staff from our Majority Minority ERG:

Rodrigo Regal

In this video, Rodrigo shares his personal history about immigrating to the United States, what inspired him to become and engineer, the challenges he has faced, and how he has overcome them.

Nika Parsa

Listen to Nika share how her career journey was inspired and supported by her immigrant parents and how being authentic to herself and not letting fear drive her has enabled her to create opportunities for herself.

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