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Tori Gillespie, Director of Operations – Healthcare, Featured in Thrive Global

Tori Gillespie, Director of Operations – Healthcare, Featured in Thrive Global

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Tori Gillespie, Director of Operations - Healthcare, was recently featured in a Thrive Global community article on reaching career goals and finding a role that brings long-term satisfaction: 

By staying open-minded, you set yourself up for success when nontraditional or surprising opportunities come your way. For instance, let’s say a recruiter or old coworker reaches out to you on LinkedIn for a role you’ve never considered. If there’s a chance it could help you reach your overarching life and career goals, you should explore it! 

Tori Gillespie, healthcare market director of operations at Ross & Baruzzini, recommends engaging in any conversations regarding the new opportunity. 

“Refrain from saying ‘no’ until you really have evaluated the opportunity,” she says. “You should not be afraid if something takes you outside of your comfort zone. With every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth. If there is something you are not sure about, ask questions. There’s nothing wrong with weighing the pros and cons. Anytime I am unsure of an opportunity, I discuss it with my advocate and personal board of directors. I like to get feedback from others to see things from a different perspective and view.” 

As a Director of Operations, she leads multi-discipline teams, managing scope, schedule, and budget to deliver high-performing building infrastructure systems that meet her healthcare client’s goals. Some of her notable project clients include Siteman Cancer Center, BJC HealthCare, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

To learn more about opportunities at Ross & Baruzzini, visit our Careers page. 

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