Marjorie McClure School

Marjorie McClure School

United Kingdom
Marjorie McClure School

Marjorie McClure SEN School is for students with a range of complex needs. The project is part of the UK Department of Education's Sustainability Pilot Scheme.

Marjorie McClure is an all-age school catering to a diverse range of SEND students aged 4-19. The children have a range of complex needs, including physical, medical, and/or moderate and profound learning difficulties and sensory needs. The design seeks to align with the school's educational vision that learning is an adventure filled with inspirational and creative opportunities.

The new design is a single-story level access building, as it was essential to the school that the students can move around the building independently. The layout forms a horseshoe shape with out-of-hours larger communal spaces located at the front of the school. The plan is punctuated by two courtyards, which allow daylight and air to penetrate the school.

The project is part of the UK Department of Education's Sustainability Pilot Scheme, developed in response to the UK Government's target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In response, Introba set energy use intensity targets aligned with the Low Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) guidance. Combined with a highly optimized façade performance, the design team developed a services strategy to minimize energy consumption. The building is naturally ventilated in summer with a central heat recovery mechanical solution for winter which is coupled with an air source heat pump system to provide heating via the ventilation air.  


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