New Brunswick Museum

New Brunswick Museum

Saint John, NB
An illustration of the interior of the proposed New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, Canada.

We will be providing electrical and mechanical engineering as well as sustainability advisory services for this cultural project in Saint John, NB, Canada.

The New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is the longest continually operating museum in Canada, serving as a cornerstone of historical identity and knowledge for more than 180 years. The Revitalize NBM project, in which we are proud to take part, will transform this institution into a modern, world-class landmark.

The Revitalize NBM project will showcase more than 13,000 years of human history and one billion years of natural history, collectively representing time in the province.

Historically, the NBM's exhibits, programs, collections, and staff have been dispersed across various locations. The project's primary objective is to reunite these essential components under one roof, providing a cohesive, efficient, and accessible space while also revitalizing the heritage collections building on Douglas Avenue.

The revitalization has three additional objectives: 

  1. It will ensure accessibility by offering a wide range of interior and exterior spaces accessible to the public, including administrative offices, a public library, archives, and public education. 

  2. The project emphasizes the safe and secure preservation of the provincial collections and museology functions. 

  3. It aspires to become a world-class landmark, drawing locals, visitors, researchers, and educators to enjoy its immersive exhibits, engaging programs, and collections.

Photo: Diamond Schmitt Architects

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