University of Missouri, Center for Energy Science

University of Missouri, Center for Energy Science

Columbia, Missouri
United States

In line with the Mizzou Forward Initiative, the University of Missouri is set to revolutionize its College of Engineering and College of Arts and Science with a cutting-edge Engineering and Applied Science Building.

Anticipating the challenge of accommodating up to 100 new faculty members over five years, the project envisions a facility fostering collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

With a total project budget of $150 million, we will be reimagining Naka Hall for the University of Missouri. Our diverse team of architects, engineers, and experts is providing design excellence, sustainability, and innovation. With meticulous planning, we'll navigate selective demolitions and address hazardous materials, ensuring safety and precision. Our commitment extends to a flexible 3% budgetary margin for additive bid alternates, safeguarding financial resilience. Picture the seamless integration of utility upgrades, replacements, and new services, harmonizing with stormwater management. From humming AV systems to carefully curated room layouts, every detail signifies our dedication to creating a transformative legacy where academia converges with the future, and sustainability meets innovation.

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