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Introducing Our New Principals, Associate Principals, and Senior Associates in Canada

Introducing Our New Principals, Associate Principals, and Senior Associates in Canada

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Newly promoted principals, associate principals and senior associates in Canada for 2024

By Introba staff

A new year brings new beginnings and opportunities. We are delighted to announce our new cadre of principals, associate principals, and senior associates for our Canada team.

  • Francois des Vignes

    Francois Des Vignes, Principal

    Francois has more than 18 years of experience with building mechanical systems, including project management, construction, commissioning, building operations and maintenance, energy management, and HVAC balancing and testing. Francois strives to always provide clients with a systematic process to confirm that all facility systems perform in accordance with the design intent as well as the client's operational needs.
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  • Matt Parkes

    Matt Parkes, Principal

    Matt has more than 20 years of experience within the mechanical engineering industry. His passion for the natural environment and the communities we share is showcased in his designs. Matt’s designs enable projects to maximize energy, carbon, and water use reduction while maintaining an optimal indoor environment for the occupants of the building while being sensitive to the project budget.

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  • Colin Van Besouw

    Colin Van Besouw, Associate Principal

    Colin has spent the past 13 years leading and designing sustainable, energy-efficient, and innovative projects that embrace the adoption of technology and support a positive total life cycle cost. Colin has a broad array of experience and expertise that contributes to projects that are smart, resilient, and connected.  

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  • Calvin Chang

    Calvin Chang, Associate Principal

    Calvin’s proficiency in energy efficiency, lighting design, security, and new technologies make him an invaluable member of any team. He consistently strives for project sustainability balanced with design aesthetics that create an optimal end-user experience by going above and beyond the electrical design scope.

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  • Dan-Gagne

    Dan Gagné, Associate Principal

    Dan is an information technology professional who has 15 years of experience in smart healthcare integrated information system design, planning, management, implementation, compliance, and commissioning. Dan also has extensive experience working with health authorities in British Columbia on large-scale projects.

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  • Scott Rattray

    Scott Rattray, Associate Principal

    Scott has 10 years of experience within the fire suppression design and contracting industry, including providing detailed design solutions in small and large projects within residential, commercial mixed-use, healthcare, high-rise, and industrial sectors. He focuses on efficient water-based fire protection system designs and installing fire protection systems.

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  • Ryan Chora

    Ryan Chora, Associate Principal

    Ryan specializes in applying simple solutions to complex problems, placing importance on both creativity and accuracy for every project. Along with his comprehensive practical knowledge, a focus on project delivery, and emphasis on a positive client experience, Ryan’s strong design skills make him a valuable member of the team.

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  • Erica Mak

    Erica Mak, Associate Principal

    Erica specializes in education, office, commercial, and residential buildings. With an emphasis on occupant-focused healthy spaces and sustainable design, Erica strives to optimize occupant comfort and incorporate energy and cost-effective strategies into all her designs.

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We have also refreshed our title structure to strengthen our ranks of senior associates:

• Muhannad Abi Haidar
• Sean Casey
• Paul Costa
• Keith Davidge
• Adam Dring
• George Hemsley
• Derek Hui
• Erfan Karimi
• Jon Lutz
• Omar Milli
• Alex Mitro
• Michael O'Keeffe
• Mary On
• Robert Palmer
• Dan Preda
• Wyatt Ritchie
• Jamie Watson
• Eric White

“I’m delighted to start the year by being able to recognize the great contributions that people have carried out towards growing our business and reputation,” says Chris Doel, Senior Vice President, Canada. “The innovation and energy of our next generation of engineers and consultants will help us evolve our firm and deliver even better work for our clients.”

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