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Next-Gen Digital Technology for Remote Working, Learning & Managed Services

Next-Gen Digital Technology for Remote Working, Learning & Managed Services

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Modern workplace and education facilities need world-class blended meeting, learning, and Hyflex teaching environments that provide intuitive spaces and engage attendees and students alike. For many organizations, large-scale audio-visual (AV) service delivery transformation plays a vital part.

In this new Introba report, we examine how the AV industry is changing rapidly. The siloed approaches of the past no longer meet clients’ evolving expectations around being able to monitor and maintain AV systems while considering cybersecurity, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Instead, there is a growing need and demand for AV software to keep pace with emerging requirements.

IT-centric approaches can provide significant opportunities and advantages for service owners. This includes cybersecurity, scalability, reliability, future-proofing, consistent user experience, remotely managed services, and support.

Although “high availability” is every day in the IT industry, it is virtually nonexistent in traditional AV. Running systems on proprietary, unmanaged “black boxes” presents a single point of failure. Recovery or repairs often require someone physically attending the work site to perform hardware replacements or reprogramming.

Many workplaces and education facilities currently have an AV technology environment based on standalone room systems that rely on AV hardware and proprietary software control. However, these proprietary integrations often create digital technology silos that are difficult to manage and are outside the IT department’s regular jurisdiction. This limitation presents an opportunity, an opportunity to use emerging IT technologies and data platforms to enhance the management, monitoring, and automation of meeting and teaching space AV technologies at scale.

AV systems need to be highly observable, with logs, metrics and traces feeding the platform so that users, administrators, and managers can observe live system status and performance. In doing so, they can identify trends in system usage patterns, collect live data, trace faults and errors, and proactively
receive alerts and notifications in response to anomalies and trigger automated actions based on predefined data trends.

Our report demonstrates that this resulting service boasts a guaranteed uptime at 99.99%, supported by service level agreements (SLAs), and delivers a seamless and uniform user experience. In addition, support teams achieve operational excellence through streamlined business processes and workflows, being able to work remotely, new automated processes, data-driven insights, and scaling AV services to support business growth.

The proposed approach maximizes existing investments and transitions clients to a new thought process to manage AV systems. The unique approach presents a solid technological foundation to directly implemented new AV spaces and technologies with minimal downtime and, in turn, deliberately blurring the lines between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

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In partnership with AV specialist solutions provider, Innomate, this report focuses on the benefits AV technology brings to modern workplaces and education facilities that are now required to deliver world-class blended learning and Hy-Flex teaching environments.

How can we demonstrate that these solutions can be readily adopted across various sectors and projects?

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