Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard

Victoria, British Columbia
Canadian Coast Guard

Introba provided mechanical engineering consulting services to this project, which involved a new single-story equipment building and communication tower at the existing Canadian Coast Guard Amphitrite Point facility in Ucluelet, BC.

The building footprint was approximately 240 square meters and used Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) as the main structural wall element, contributing to achieving Passive House equivalent energy performance while meeting post-disaster design requirements. The project included an indoor emergency backup generator, a communications room with approximately ten server racks and N+1 redundant cooling systems, and a single washroom and storage area for use by visiting/transient personnel using the adjacent helipad. Construction of the project was completed in December 2018.

Similarities to the proposed Coastal Fire project include:

  • Similar project scale and complexity
  • Rural location
  • Primary use as a support building for public-sector staff performing primarily outdoor activities.
  • Pragmatic application of HVAC systems emphasizing reliability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance

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