Kimpton Fitzroy London

Kimpton Fitzroy London

Bloomsbury, London
United Kingdom

As one of London’s original “Grande Dame” hotels, the Kimpton Fitzroy is steeped in history, boasting 345 rooms and a restaurant identical in design to the dining room on the RMS Titanic.

Extensive surveys and dynamic modeling allowed Introba to reveal and repurpose its listed fabric to accommodate modern building services. The discovery of hidden marble mosaics and boarded-up bathrooms presented opportunities for restoration, however, challenges lay in the many decades of old pipes and wiring that needed to be replaced and rerouted. Disused chimneys were repurposed as service risers and plant space configuration was optimized to allow the formation of a central garden terrace.

To increase occupant comfort and well-being, and reduce the building’s carbon footprint, all rooms were fitted with smart, user-triggered, and energy-efficient power, heating, and ventilation systems. LED lighting was installed, and secondary glazing was fitted to the original windows. Additional insulation was also added where possible to improve the thermal efficiency of the building envelope.

These improvements significantly lift the sustainability credentials and safeguard the hotel’s architectural heritage for future generations.


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