Princeton TIGER CUB

Princeton TIGER CUB

Overhead shot of Princeton's University's TIGER CUB under construction

We are providing electrical, energy modeling, mechanical, and plumbing engineering and consulting services for this university project in DC, USA.

Our team is working closely with Princeton University to design and build a new TIGER CUB (Thermally Integrated Geothermal Energy Resource Central Utility Building). This will provide a highly efficient, cost effective, and reliable heating and cooling energy infrastructure to supply the buildings on the university's Meadow Neighborhood Campus. 

This low-carbon energy system and a central plant follows the net zero carbon objectives outlined in the university’s infrastructure masterplan (IMP). By completion, the Meadow Campus will be fully served by highly efficient energy infrastructure coupled with renewable electricity that will significantly reduce the university’s carbon footprint in alignment with its sustainability goals.

The TIGER CUB design is based on heat recovery chillers coupled with a vertical closed loop geo-exchange system that will consist of 500 geo-exchange boreholes 200 metres deep and large capacity thermal energy (heating and chilled water) storage.

Photo credit: P. Agnes