Foothill and DeAnza College WiFi Expansion

Foothill and DeAnza College WiFi Expansion

Los Altos and Cupertino, California
United States

FootHill and DeAnza Colleges are two higher educational facilities located in the Bay Area of California.

FootHill College is located in Los Altos, CA, and has an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students. De Anza College is located in Cupertino, CA, and has a student enrollment of approximately 18,000 students. The purpose of the WiFi Expansion was to extend campus Wi-Fi services to outdoor classrooms, athletic fields, parking lots, parking structures, and other outdoor study areas to greatly enhance the safety and flexibility of the campus learning environment.

Introba provided WIFI engineering design services for all the exterior spaces on each campus designated as outdoor classrooms and study areas, athletic fields, all the student parking lots and parking structures, as well as construction document support including installation details, one-line diagrams, equipment schedules, BOM and Division 27 specifications including system optimization.

Project Phases

  • Phase 1; Design and Construction Document Package (Drawings and Specifications) for Outdoor classrooms and Parking Structures

  • Phase 2; Design and Construction Document Package (Drawings and Specifications) for Parking Lots and Athletic Fields.

Design Tasks: Construction Document Package

  • Developed Scope Tracker Matrix to organize all the expressed areas of coverage, document coverage strategy, and assign the appropriate construction phase.

  • Develop and document coverage strategy options for coverage areas that may require invasive and costly infrastructure upgrades.

  • Performed site verification of existing IDFs/ Telecommunications spaces and exterior vaults to support project design efforts.

  • Performed Radio Frequency modeling and predictive coverage maps for new WIFI devices at all scope locations.

  • Developed typical installation details for Wireless access point and discrete antenna mounting.

  • Developed installation details for outdoor mounted, weather-resistant telecommunications outlets.

  • Developed Rack Elevations for new category cable patch panels, fiber optic patch panels, and POE surge suppression.

  • Developed new IDF enclosure details and conduit routing details for main cable runs.

  • Developed Block/Riser diagrams for cabling and grounding. 

  • Developed equipment, antenna, and cable schedules.

  • Tailored Division 27 specifications to suit the scope of the project.

Project Tasks: Construction Administration

  • Review/Approval of Contractor Submittals, RFI’s and Shop Drawings

  • Monitored construction progress

  • Attendance of construction meetings

  • Developed As-built documentation package